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published articles

Studying Digital Media in the Diasporic Transnationalism Context: The Case of International Migrants in Japan

in the Handbook of Japanese Media and Popular Culture in Transition, edited by Forum Mithani and Griseldis Kirsch, Tokyo: Japan Documents, pp. 244-259. 



Building a Life on the Soil of the Ultimate Other: WeChat and Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan

in WeChat and the Chinese Diaspora - Digital Transnationalism in the Era of China's Rise, edited by Wanning Sun and Haiqing Yu, London: Routledge, pp. 171-190. 



Digital Technology, Physical Space, and the Notion of Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan

Asiascape: Digital Asia 7 (2020), 211-233.


hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e

Chinese Migrants' Sense of Belonging in Japan: Between Digital and Physical Spaces

IOM Migration Research Series No. 61, pp. 1-13.


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