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Latest publications

Chinese Trans Women in Japan and Their Embodied Search for Gender Identity in the Online–Offline Continuum Transfers 12.3 (2023). Open Access.

“Us” and “others”: the Chinese diaspora in Japan and the negotiation of their membership in the sphere of Chineseness Asian Anthropology (2023). 
Open Access.


Research interests

My research research concerns digital media, minorities (especially trans women) and identities, and I'm interested with intersections of queer, mobility, national and transnational identities in the context of globalisation and digitalisation.

Trans(gender) Migration  Queer and Mobility 
Gender and Sexuality 

 Nationalism   Digital Media

在日・在欧中国人  クィア・ディアスポラ・メディア  


Latest journal article


Digital Technology, Physical Space, and the Notion of Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan

in Asiascape: Digital Asia, 7(2020), pp. 211-233.


This paper illustrates how, among Chinese migrants in Japan, the notion of belonging is constructed and modified by their use of digital technology, by presenting digital technologies as a continuum of physical and digitized life experiences.

Drawing on interviews with 55 Chinese migrants in Japan, this paper argues that Chinese migrants are increasingly engaged in digital spaces that combine the online and offline and permit their presence at a transnational scale, through a collectively imagined ‘Chinese’ identity. However, because of the influence of physical spaces on Chinese migrants’ transnational, diasporic experiences, this transnational engagement does not lead to the construction of a transnational or a relatively static nation-state sense of belonging. Instead, for Chinese migrants in Japan, the notion of belonging can be based on the situation and context, and it can switch between the home and host countries.

Keywords: Belonging, China, digital migration, Japan, online/offline interaction.

I aim to ensure all my works are openly accessible. If you have difficulties accessing any of my publications, kindly click the "Request Full Article" button and I'm happy to share my work. 


Research Projects

Book Chapter

Book Chapter

  • Digital (Dis)Connectivity and Transnational (Im)Mobility: Stories of Chinese Transgender Women in Japan

A book project from the 'When Virtual and Physical Spaces Meet' Conference led by Beatrice Zani and Isabelle Cheng'

  • Studying digital media in diasporic transnationalism context - the case of international migrants in Japan

in Handbook of Japanese Media. Edited by Griseldis Kirsch and Forum Mithani

  • Building a live on the soil of the ultimate other - WeChat and the negotiation of belonging among Chinese migrants in Japan

in WeChat Diaspora: Digital Transnationalism in the Era of China's Rise. Edited by Wanning Sun and Haiqing Yu

Special Issue (Journal)

Special Issue (Journal)

  • Chinese Transgender women in Japan and their embodied search for sexuality in the online-offline continuum

Transfer: Special Issue in Migrants and Their Smartphones: Interlaced Mobilities Online and Offline.  This project is led by Beatrice Zani and Isabelle Cheng

  • Selling Chineseness online: ethnic digital media and China’s digital strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic

China Perspectives: Engendering Transnational Space: China as an Authoritarian Diaspora State and Chinese Migrants’ Transnationalism. This project is led by Mette Thunø and Emilie Tran

Ongoing Research Project

Ongoing Research Project

  • デジタルメディアを通して見る在日中国人移住者~二国間で揺れる帰属意識の解明~

 “Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up”, JSPS (日本学術振興会 科研費 研究活動スタート支援)

  • "Digital media, digital nationalism and the sense of belonging among Chinese digital diasporas in Japan". 2018-2022.

Funded by the Top Global University Project, Global Asia Research Center, Waseda University

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