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short cv

short cv

professional summary

My research primarily focus on identity and sexuality performances in the digital domain among Chinese digital/queer diasporas in Japan and the UK. 



Waseda University

Ph.D. in International Relations

Research focus: Digital Diaspora, Queer Diaspora, Nationalism, Belonging, Identity


London School of Economics

MSc in International Migration and Public Policy

Dissertation: Information and Communication Technologies: A Double-Edged Sword?


London School of Economics

MSc in Urbanisation and Development

current appointments


Assistant Professor, Tokyo College, University of Tokyo


Part-time Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Sophia University


Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University

selected book chapters

Wang, Xinyu Promio. (2022). Studying Digital Media in Diasporic Transnationalism Context – The Case of International Migrants in Japan. In: Forum Mithani and Griseldis Kirsch ed., Handbook of Japanese Media and Popular Culture in Transition. Tokyo: MHM Limited. ISBN: 9784909286048.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. (2022). Building a Life on the Soil of the Ultimate Other: WeChat and Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan. In Wanning Sun and Haiqing Yu ed., WeChat Diaspora: Digital Transnationalism in the Era of China’s Rise. New York: Routledge.

selected peer-reviewed journal articles

Wang, Xinyu Promio. (Forthcoming in 2022). Chinese Transgender Women in Japan and Their Embodied Search for Sexuality in the Online-Offline Continuum. Transfers: Special Issue in Migrants and Their Smartphones: Interlaced Mobilities Online and Offline.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. (Forthcoming in 2022). Mediated Old and New Pandemics and Chineseness in Transition - From Nation in Crisis to Nation in Aid. China Perspectives: Special Issue in Engendering Transnational Space: China as an Authoritarian Diaspora State.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. (2020). Digital Technology, Physical Spaces, and the Notion of Belonging among Chinese Migrants in JapanAsiascape: Digital Asia, 7 (2020), pp. 211-233.


Wang, Xinyu Promio. (2020). Chinese Migrants’ Sense of Belonging in Japan: Between Digital and Physical Spaces. Migration Research Series No. 61. Geneva: United Nations - International Organization for Migration, pp. 1-13. Available at: mrs- 61.pdf.


Wang, Xinyu Promio. (2019). Development Induced Migration and Institutionalised Discrimination: Differential Citizenship and Internal Migrants’ Self- Identity in China. Journal of Internal Displacement: Special Issue on the Future of Internal Displacement and Sustainable Development, 9 (1), pp. 51-73.

writing projects

  • When disconnectivity becomes key to live – The diasporic experiences of contemporary trans Chinese in Europe

  • Trans Chinese (in) Diaspora: Bodies, Rights, Identities, and Belongings


Wang, Xinyu Promio. "Double liminality: Chinese Transgender Women in Japan and Their Daily Online-Offline Realities". In When Virtual and Physical Spaces Meet – The Mobility, Activism, Care and Entrepreneurship of Migrants Developed Online and Offline. Sciences Po Lyon (Online). 12-13 July 2021.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. " Building a Life on the Soil of the Ultimate Other: WeChat and Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan". In 18th CIRC - The Internationalization of China’s Digital and Communication Industries. Online. 25-27 June 2021.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. " Connected but Disconnected – Mediated Ideology and Negotiated Nationalism among Chinese Migrants in Japan". In ERC International conference Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday. Utrecht University, The Netherlands. 21-23 April 2021.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. "ICTs as An Audit Device: Mediated Ideology and Negotiated Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan". In Digital Asia - 12th Annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference & PhD Course. Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University, Sweden. 2-6 December 2019.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. "Being Connected but Disconnected – The Digital Connectivity among Chinese Migrants in Japan". In 10th International Conference of International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO) – Chinese Overseas and China: Through a Global Lens. Jinan University, China. 9-11 November 2019. 

Wang, Xinyu Promio. ”Migration Studies in the Digital Era". In 16th IMISCOE Annual Conference on Conceptual and Methodological Approaches. Session No. 85. Malmö University, Sweden. 26-28 June 2019.

Wang, Xinyu Promio. "Connected Individuals and Disconnected Nations – ICTs to Transform the Notion of Belonging among Chinese Migrants in Japan". In 27th Annual Population Postgraduate (Popfest 2019) Conference. Session No. 1. London School of Economics and Political Science. 28-30 May 2019. 

Wang, Xinyu Promio. "ICT as a Basis for Informal Social Control - Performative Obligations and Strategic Behaviour Among Chinese Diaspora in Japan". In IMISCOE Conference Migration Studies in the Digital Era - A Workshop on Digital Research Methodologies and the Study of Mobilities. Session No. 2. University of Antwerp, Belgium. 14-15 February 2019.


Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists, JSPS, 2023-2026.


Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up, JSPS, 2021-2023.

Research Grant for SGU Global Asia Research Programme, Waseda University, 2019.

visiting positions

Visiting researcher. Institute of Asian Migrations, Waseda University. April 2021 - Present.

Visiting PhD researcher. School of East Asian Studies, the University of Sheffield. September - December 2019. 

professional memberships

Member of the International Migration Research Network (IMISCOE), 2017~

Member of the Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies (JAMPS), 2019~

Member of the Institute of Asian Migrations (Waseda University), 2018~

Member of the American Sociological Association, 2018~

Member of the British Postgraduate Networks for Chinese studies, 2019~ 

Member of the British Association for Japanese Studies, 2019~ 

Member of the Japanese Society of Gender Identity Disorder, 2021~

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